Would you like to see savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of Pounds on your annual AC or refrigeration running costs?*

Save Money – Reduce your carbon footprint

Your Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment represents a significant capital investment, running into tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In some cases, it is critical to your business that the equipment is operating correctly, and yet, the service of this investment is often overlooked until a failure occurs.

The ongoing service of this equipment is at the forefront of what we do. We provide a bespoke service solution to ensure that your equipment is working at its most efficient, both in terms of energy efficiency and refrigeration capability.

A poorly maintained piece of refrigeration equipment will cost somewhere between 20 – 40% more in running costs, than a well maintained one, and in most cases will not maintain the desired temperature, and be more susceptible to failure and loss of product.

Why would you put up with that?

Through our energy and temperature monitoring service, we can provide you with a true reflection of the before and after results of a comprehensive service.

Not only will your running costs be reduced, but your equipment efficiency and longevity will be optimised.

For those customers with multiple sites, the savings could well run into tens of thousands of pounds every year in running costs alone.

The analogy below, taken from the Carbon Trust project: Food and drink industry refrigeration efficiency initiative, is a simple yet effective way of making the point.

Compare your refrigeration plant to a car. If a car manages to complete a journey from A to B on time, then it has “delivered” its primary output. But you might have used 2 gallons of petrol when 1 gallon should have been enough. If you don’t measure the m.p.g. for the journey it is impossible to ensure that the car is running well and has been driven properly. If the m.p.g. is lower than expected you will take steps to improve performance. If you don’t regularly measure the “m.p.g.” of your refrigeration plant it is impossible to ensure that it is running well. As with a car, a secondary benefit relates to improved reliability. You can spot faults before they become so bad that the plant breaks down!

All of our engineers are F Gas certified and have many years of experience across a massively diverse range of equipment, so your investment is in safe hands. Call us, or get in touch with us today to discuss what we can offer your business.