Preventative maintenance is definitely better than cure

Without being too dramatic, we have noticed that during the hottest week in eternity, we have received many emergency call-outs to refrigeration and air conditioning systems that have completely failed due to the extreme heat.

But, our burning question is: Was it the extreme heat that caused the breakdowns, or could these emergency situations have been avoided if the equipment had been properly, and regularly maintained?

These breakdowns can be repaired, but the down-time of air conditioning and refrigeration units that are crucial to the operation of a business, such as a restaurant, can end up being costlier in terms of lost trade than the cost of regular maintenance and repair.

Accurate Cooling Services London Ltd offer cost-effective planned preventative maintenance to our air conditioning and refrigeration customers. We take responsibility for the scheduling of the maintenance works for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our helpdesk team will contact you on an annual basis to confirm our scheduled visits, and our engineers will carry out the services on site. With regular servicing, our engineers will also be able to spot any other performance issues that you may not be aware of, allowing you the opportunity to repair a potential fault before it causes an unwelcome breakdown.

Save your business time and money, and contact us today to arrange your planned preventative maintenance for the next year.

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