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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why it is advisable to service air conditioning units regularly.

The first reason is that it ensures that your air conditioning unit is functioning at its peak, especially when you need it the most.

Regular servicing also maintains the efficiency of your air conditioner. For every year of operation in which you do not service your air conditioning unit, it loses 5% of its efficiency. After 3 years, the efficiency of your air conditioner will have decreased by 15%. This adversely affects its performance.

Regular air conditioning servicing also finds and addresses small problems that, if left, could grow into much bigger problems that are more expensive to repair.

There is good news though! With regular maintenance, a high percentage of lost efficiency can be recovered to at least 95% of a unit’s original performance levels. This means that the amount of money that you use to service your unit can be recovered very quickly in terms of reduced monthly electricity bills and reduced costs of repair. An air conditioner that is properly serviced also dehumidifies your home efficiently.

We recommend that air conditioning units and systems are inspected, serviced and cleaned at least once a year. If a unit experiences heavy usage in an area that may have more “polluted” air quality, such as a restaurant or manufacturing environment, it may have to be serviced two to three times a year.

As an air conditioning unit runs, it tends to accumulate dirt and dust in critical areas such as the air filters and the condensing coils. This accumulation of dirt will adversely affect its efficiency. The buildup of dirt and dust, if not checked, reduces your machine’s operating efficiency by 5%. This means that that your air conditioner cannot cool or heat the area as much as it would if it were clean.

Although it is a simple thing to service your unit at least once a year, failing to service your air conditioning unit for extended periods of time could cause it to malfunction and even ruin it totally.

Another good tip is to change the unit’s filter at least once every 30 days.

We can assist you with all your servicing needs and maintenance plans. Our engineers are specially trained to undergo strict and professional maintenance work which includes checking refrigerant levels, testing for leaks, check for and seal duct leaks, measure airflow, check and verify electric control sequences, inspect all electrical terminals and oil motors, check thermostat accuracy, check belts for wear and tightness and inspect and change air filters.

This very much depends on the size and quality of the system you have installed but speaking relatively, running and maintaining a decent air conditioning system is cheaper than a regular boiler system.

Not only is it cheaper but it does not consume natural resources and uses renewable energy ensuring a better solution for the conservation of our planet.

Any Air Conditioning Unit that contains the refrigerant R22 will be banned as of January 2015. When R22 is released into our atmosphere the sun rays cause decomposition meaning chlorine is released into the stratosphere. Fortunately Accurate Cooling Solutions London Ltd have a number of solutions to not only fix this problem but could save you up to 50% on having to replace the entire system. Call 0203 728 4889 now to find out how.

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