Free health check of refrigeration and air conditioning plant.

Are you worrying about the cost of maintaining your AC or refrigeration equipment? There is no need to worry anymore!

As thousands of businesses up and down the country feel the strain on their finances during the current climate, Accurate Cooling Services London Limited would like to offer a free health check to any business that operates either refrigeration or air conditioning plant, within our area of operation(*).
A poorly maintained piece of equipment will be costing significantly more to run than a well maintained one, not to mention the increased strain on the system components such as the compressor, condenser or evaporator fan motors.

How does this offer work?
We will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive health check of your equipment for free! 
No caveats, no catches, no “administration” fee. Totally and utterly free and for nothing. Once the air conditioning or refrigeration health check has been completed, you will receive a report detailing any advisories or concerns. What you do with the information in the report is up to you.

How will the report benefit me?
Just consider this example: A car makes a 125 mile round trip  from A to B and back again. It has delivered its primary purpose – to get you from A to B And back again. But, your car hasn’t been serviced in years, the tyres are low, you have got loads of heavy stuff in the boot and a roof rack. Your car has got you from A to B and back again and has averaged 25 m.p.g. using 5 gallons. Assuming £1.20 per litre and  4.5 litres per gallon, that journey has cost you £27.00.

Your neighbour has the same car and makes the same journey. But, their car is well maintained, tyre pressures are good, they have  taken out all the unnecessary stuff in the boot and the roof rack off the roof. Their car gives them 40 m.p.g for the same journey, using 3.15 gallons. That journey cost your neighbour £17.01.

Both you and your neighbour make the same journey Monday to Friday, but by the end of the week they are spending £50 less that you. At the end of the month it’s around £200, and by the end of the year it’s £2500.
Let’s say they spend £1000 per year on servicing and tyres.
They are still £1500 up, and their car is less likely to break down at the side of the road leading to a large repair bill.
Let’s say that your neighbour owns more than one car. Maybe they own multiple cars in several locations. Now, substitute “car” for “fridge plant”, or “AC system”, and “m.p.g” for “Kw/h of electricity used” to realise the financial impact that attending to any advisories will have on your business.

That’s a lot of money going to the energy company, that could be in your business instead. 

How do I contact you?
For more information, or to book a Free Health Check for your restaurant, food processing plant, office, retail outlet or commercial site, please give us a call, or email us for your free, no obligation health check.

(*) Our Area of Operation includes Greater London and Kent. We would not like to disappoint you, so please check with our team if your location falls within this area